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Fall Bulletin Board Challenge!

  • Bargaining surveys are available for UIC members to fill out! It takes members working together to win a fair contract. This is YOUR union! Everyone’s help and input is valuable and needed. This survey is just one step. The bargaining committees will need to know how you would improve wages and working conditions, and what you are willing to do to help get there. Please submit your online survey as soon as possible. There are also paper surveys available for employees to fill out, to receive those please contact your field organizer or steward to arrange time to drop them off.
  • Bargaining Committee nomination forms are also available now. All members should have at least one person in their work area involved throughout the bargaining process. Please discuss with your coworkers in your work area who you want to nominate to be a voice for your department/work area throughout the bargaining process. Bargaining committee nomination forms are due by December 2.
  • This fall, we are challenging the membership to go all out on your bulletin boards! In our last contract, members fought hard for the right to have bulletin boards up in their work areas. This fall, we are challenging all members to fill and decorate your union bulletin board with purple flyers! As we prepare for the next contract, members must take every opportunity to show their unity and strength. Utilizing these bulletin boards sends the message that members are ready and geared up for a big fight!

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Upcoming Member Meetings

  • For anyone who missed the contract meetings held in September, you can find highlights from the presentation and discussion attached at one of these links: 9/20 Clerical Meeting, 9/22 Pro Meeting, 9/26 Tech Meeting, 9/28 Serv Meeting. We will hold contract-specific membership meetings over the upcoming year and its important that you make an attempt to attend future meetings so that you and your coworkers always know what’s going on.
  • To set up a department meeting in your area to discuss the bargaining surveys, upcoming contract negotiations, or any other issue impacting you and your coworkers, please reach out directly to your Union Representative for assistance”

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Find Your Union Steward and Staff Representative

Staff at the local are assigned to work with specified buildings, departments and colleges of the university. These assignments may change from time to time. Please see the list below for an updated breakdown of which staff are assigned to which areas and their contact information. If you do not see your area listed below, reach out to Melinda Bunnage, Deputy Director of Higher Education, at mbunnage@seiu73.org.

Cheriell Jackson (CJ), cjackson@seiu73.org

  • UI Health 
    • Outpatient Care Center 
    • Ear & Eye Infirmary 
    • Rehab Services dept 
    • Labs & Pathology dept 
    • Medical Call Center dept 
    • Patient Access, Patient Accounting & Patient Logistics depts 
    • Ambulatory Care 
  • Chicago’s West campus 
    • Neuropsychiatric Institute 
    • College of Medicine Buildings 
    • Clinical Science Buildings 
    • Medical Sciences Building 
    • Marshfield Ave Building 
    • West Research Office Building 
  • Chicago’s East Campus 
    • 715-722 & 704 Maxwell 
    • Family Medicine Center & Departments 

Felix Ortiz, fortiz@seiu73.org 

  • Division of Specialized Care for Children 
  • UIC School of Law 
  • Miles Square Clinics 
  • Chicago West Campus 
    • Hospital Building Service Workers 
    • Biologic Resources Laboratory 
    • College of Dentistry 
    • College of Pharmacy 
    • Miles Square Clinic Main 

Abby Schultz, aschultz@seiu73.org  

  • UI Health
    • UIC Hospital 
    • Specialty Care Building 
    • Dialysis dept 
    • Continuum of Care dept 
    • Clinical Nutrition dept 
    • Info Tech Services dept 

Andrew Yale, ayale@seiu73.org 

  • College of Medicine Peoria 
  • College of Medicine Rockford & LP Johnson 
  • Chicago Campus 
    • All East Campus Colleges & Programs (Science & Engineering, Chemistry, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Education, etc.) 
    • Technology Solutions 
    • Campus Housing 
    • Campus Facilities (Building Service Workers, Parking, Telecommunicators, Mail, Procurement 
    • Healthy Cities Collaborative 
    • Student Center East & West 
    • Daley Library & Library of the Health Sciences 
    • Student Services Building (East) 
    • Disability, Health, and Social Policy Building (East) 
    • Human Resources Building (West) 
    • School of Public Health (West) 
    • Applied Health Sciences Building (West) 
    • Administrative Office Building (West) 
  • UI Health 
    • Radiology dept 

Look here for a complete list of UIC stewards. Every department should have a steward. If you don’t have a steward in your area, nominate yourself or someone else here!

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