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Bargaining Update

January 20, 2023

Our bargaining team met with management all day Tuesday, January 17, and Wednesday, January 18, to continue negotiating our union contract. 

We got closer to agreement on some issues (including making exciting progress on pay charts for many program/professional staff and clerical staff, and a language differential for some staff members who use a second language at work). However, we have still not seen enough movement on some of our top issues:

  • Across the board annual raises
  • Healthcare costs, especially for family and +1
  • JCC teacher pay
  • Basic union rights found in any other nonprofit union contract including the right to file a grievance when a professional employee is disciplined for performance reasons, and everyone contributing to the union

On Wednesday, union members, elected officials, and community supporters came together for a press conference by the Jewish United Fund building to share with the media what we’re fighting for and urge management to do the right thing. View coverage from Fox 32 and WGN

ACTION STEP: The pressure we’ve been putting on management through member action is working, but we need to keep it up until we get a contract. Sign our petition to management, urging them to come to an agreement now! This petition is open to any worker or community member who wants to sign, so please share with friends, family, and other possible supporters! You can also easily share our post on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

We continue negotiating on Tuesday, January 24, and Thursday, January 26. Join as an observer via Zoom or in-person to show management members are watching! Info and sign up here.

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Upcoming Meetings

We have the right to open bargaining, which means any member is welcome to observe our bargaining sessions! Only dues-paying members can attend, and observers are not allowed to speak or disrupt the bargaining session. You can only attend when you are not on work time, so please join us during a scheduled lunch break or when you are off work. Please fill out this form if you plan on attending one of our bargaining meetings.

Upcoming bargaining dates:

January 24, 2023

January 26, 2023

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Latest News

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Meet Your Bargaining Team

Emily Kaufman, Infant Room Teacher at Bernard Weinger JCC
“I am a proud member of the bargaining committee because I care about the quality of life and basic rights of my fellow teachers and all of the members we represent!”

Sara Goldman, Assistant Teacher at Horwich JCC
“I joined the union and the bargaining team so I could have a voice. The more of us there are, the louder our voice will be. I am fighting for a better work environment along with better wages for myself and my coworkers.”

Sean Elliott, Case Manager at JCC EZRA Multiservice Center
“I am a union steward and serving on the Bargaining Committee because I feel strongly that through working together collectively and through building union power and membership, we can have a positive impact on our working conditions, our benefits and the lives of our clients, students and community members.”

Rachel Rubinstein, Admin Assistant at JUF 
​​​​“I chose to be a union steward and on the bargaining committee because I believe in advocating for a living wage and positive work environment for all bargaining unit members. The happier we as Jewish Federation employees are, the better we can provide for our agency organizations. It is important to me that the bargaining committee negotiates a contract that properly addresses each issue members are currently facing and comes to an agreement that works for everyone involved.”

Peyton Conley, Donor Services Professional at JUF
“I’m fighting for an equitable and living wage!”

Aubree Buschert, Program Coordinator at JUF
“I’m on the bargaining team because I’ve heard the struggles of my fellow coworkers and know the inequities that exist in the organization. Everyone deserves to have the resources and support they need to do their job – and a livable, competitive wage for the work they do.”

Gloria Cardenas, Resident Assistant Housekeeping at CJE Weinberg
“Estoy en este comité de la unión para participar en las negociaciones del siguiente año y para poder exponer las necesidades que existen en CJE, como preferencias de los supervisores con algunos de los compañeros.” (“I’m on the union committee to participate in the negotiations for next year and to be able to explain the needs that exist at CJE, like favoritism of supervisors with some staff.”)

Lili Gecker, Clinician II at JCFS Response for Teens 
“I’ve seen turnover skyrocket over the past few years, and as a result, the clients we serve have suffered as they wait months and months for mental health services. We need to have a voice because our working conditions impact the quality of our clinical care in addition to our day-to-day lives as workers. I’m excited to serve on the bargaining team because I have seen time and time again that when we come together and show our power as a union, we win!”

Felix Acuña Olivos, Clinician I at JCFS Knapp Counseling
“For me being in our union’s bargaining committee means celebrating our interdependence and dignity, as it allows us to push for more equity. Together we can all feel safer and assert our collective need for more dignified working conditions.”

DeCarla Musa, ISP at JCFS CILA
“I’m on the bargaining team and support the union because as an ISP in the last contract we won holiday pay, which we were never paid holidays and had to work the days in the past. Winning this contract matters to me because ISP’s have an important role to do within the community we serve. Our clients depend on us and we must depend on our Union and ourselves to have a better workplace.”

LeJean Easley, Art Teacher at JCFS Knapp School and Yeshiva
“As a bargaining team member I am fighting for myself and my coworkers to be heard. I’m tired of us expressing ourselves and being ignored and our problems and issues not being taken into account when coming up with solutions.”

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