Governance Structure

Leadership Assembly

To make sure our leadership reflects the diversity of our membership, the Leadership Assembly is the highest policy-making body in the local. The Leadership Assembly meets once a year to make decisions about our union. The Leadership Assembly includes the President, Secretary-Treasurer, two Executive Vice Presidents, five Vice Presidents, members of the Executive Board, and delegates elected by region.

Elections for the 600 Leadership Assembly Delegates take place every three-years at the same time officers are elected.

Executive Board

Guided by the policies set by the Leadership Assembly, the Executive Board is the governing board of the local. To ensure proportional representation for all members, the Executive Board includes nine officers and over 30 rank-and-file members elected every three years out of more than a dozen different regions to ensure proportional representation. 

The Executive Board develops and approves the annual budget, supervises the handling of all funds and votes on all financial commitments over $100,000. Executive Board members also get the word out about opportunities for members to become stewards and activists, to join committees and to form chapters, as well as to become delegates to the Leadership Assembly.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee coordinates and implements the policies and decisions of the Leadership Assembly and the Executive Board, reporting regularly to the Executive Committee.Members of the committee meet monthly and include:

  • President (full time, elected at large)
  • Secretary Treasurer (full time, elected at large)
  • Two Executive Vice Presidents (full time, elected at large)
  • Five Vice Presidents (rank-and-file, elected at large)