About Us

Vision Statement

Uniting members and the communities we serve, SEIU Local 73 inspires and wins social and economic justice by igniting and exercising our power so that workers, families, and our communities are respected and thrive now and for generations to come.

WHEREFORE Our Union is guided by a set of principles based on our vision of a union and a society...

  • Where all workers and their families live and work in dignity.
  • Where work is fulfilling and fairly rewarded.
  • Where workers have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect them and have the opportunity to develop their talents and skills
  • Where the collective voice and power of workers is realized in democratic, equitable and progressive unions.
  • Where union solidarity stands firm against the forces of discrimination and hate, against, structural racism, and against the unfair employment practices of exploitative employers.
  • Where working people can live in safe and healthy communities.
  • Where government plays an active role in improving the lives of working people.

But our guiding principles must extend beyond the four corners of our collective bargaining agreements if we are to achieve Our Union’s vision for a just and humane society. Therefore, be it resolved that

  • Local 73 will stand against discrimination in all of its forms.
  • We will take on the fight to end anti-Black racism, structural racism and all forms of racial oppression as a part of our work to build a wider movement that will fight for an economy where working people can earn a good living and have a good life.
  • We will fight for the same rights, obligations, and basic fairness for all workers, no matter where they come from. Local 73 believes in a society that values the contributions of aspiring citizens and recognizes the integral role that new Americans play in our past, present and future. AND...
  • Local 73 will stand in solidarity with all of their brothers and sisters in the union, and with partner labor organizations, community organizations, and allies in the broader movement for social and economic justice.