Local 73’s Voices: Roberto Perez, Lifeguard at CPkD

Local 73's Voices - Roberto

SEIU Local 73 represents more than 31,000 people, each with their own story to tell. “Local 73’s Voices” aims to highlight what makes our members so incredible. From what it means to be part of a union to what inspires their actions, we shine a light on the people who make our Local as unique as it is.

Roberto Perez is no stranger to going above and beyond–both at work and outside of it. In addition to ensuring beach-goers stay safe at Osterman Beach, he’s a passionate traveler looking to hit up 40 different countries before he turns 40 years old.

Check out Roberto as he details what his day-to-day looks like, what drew him to a committee role within the union, and why teleportation is the best superpower to have.