Local 73’s Voices: Anthony Garner, Custodian @ Bloom Township

Local 73's Voices Anthony

SEIU Local 73 represents more than 31,000 people, each with their own story to tell. “Local 73’s Voices” aims to highlight what makes our members so incredible. From what it means to be part of a union to what inspires their actions, we shine a light on the people who make our Local as unique as it is.

Anthony Garner, Custodian at Bloom Township School District # 206, takes pride in his work because it keeps the school district running. From building a baseball field to testing water, Anthony and his team roll up their sleeves and take care of major tasks to ensure students and education staff can learn and work in a safe environment. He’s developed a wide array of skills through his experience as a tradesman in a union.

We spoke with Anthony about his work, the support he’s received from his union, the last book he read, and his passion for animals. Watch below: