Local 73’s Voices: Alec Hudson, Special Recreation Leader @ Chicago Park District

Local 73's Voices - CARD TEMPLATE

SEIU Local 73 has 30,000+ members, each with their own story to tell. “Local 73’s Voices” aims to highlight what makes our members so incredible. From what it means to be part of a union to what inspires their actions, we shine a light on the people who make our Local as unique as it is.

On a chilly, windy Chicago morning, Alec Hudson was ready to hit the ground running leading up to his work day. As a Special Recreation Leader for the Chicago Park District, Alec works closely with athletes to foster an environment centered not just on practice and the honing of skills, but social interaction, too. “A lot of families and folks with disabilities become lifelong friends and build communities and networks out of the programs we do here,” says Hudson.

As a worker for the Park District, Hudson’s love for his role is only matched by his passion for SEIU Local 73. This is his first experience with a union as a member, but he’s already seen firsthand the solidarity and power it has given he and his colleagues: “We as members make it possible to have a collective vision of what we want to see in the workplace.”

Check out our full discussion with Alec in the video below: