SEIU Local 73 Overturns Cook County Health Wrongful Termination


Rose Minge, Ward Clerk at Stroger Hospital, is back at work after her union, SEIU Local 73, successfully won her reinstatement in a grievance hearing. Rose was a 26-year employee when she was unjustly terminated in February 2022.

Rose Minge

Rose was terminated after facing ongoing harassment from management. SEIU Local 73 legal staff presented the facts of the grievance during a Step 3 hearing. As the County presented their case, it became evident that they were missing key pieces of evidence to support their claims. By the end of the meeting, the hearing officer reversed the termination, and Rose was reinstated.

“Our power as a union extends beyond our contract,” said President Dian Palmer. “We have the power to fight back against wrongful termination and reinstate workers who have given decades of service to Cook County.”  

“It took President Dian Palmer and Cook County Division Director Trumaine Reeves to save me and get my job back after four months,” said Rose. “I am so thankful.”