Security Officer Protects CPS Students During Shooting


When a drive by shooting took place just outside Haines Elementary School, the school went into lockdown and Security Officer Calvin Newman was there to protect the students and staff. Newman was temporarily assigned to the school while their regular security was on a leave of absence.

“The kids were outside for recess when we heard what sounds like fireworks,” said Newman. “When I saw a guy jump out of his car I knew this was a serious situation and immediately let the staff know we needed to get everyone in through the back door.”

CPS Security Officer Calvin Newman

“He did a great job responding to the live lock-down and was a really helpful presence at the school,” said Nicole Milberg, Chief of Schools, Network 6.

Newman, who has worked security for over 25 years, 12 of those with CPS, credited the schools emergency drills for preparing everyone. “All of the practice drills made a huge difference,” said Newman. “We were able to get everyone to safety and lock the school down quickly. The principal is doing exactly what she needs to do with those drills which made my job easier.”

“Mr. Newman was able to get the students to go into the building right away,” said Principal Catherine Davis. “We were fortunate to have him support Haines School during our security guard’s LOA.”

“Every day our members are stepping up to protect and serve their communities and Calvin Newman exemplifies everything our union stands for,” said Stacia Scott, Executive Vice President of Local 73.