Loyola Non-tenure Track Faculty Overwhelmingly Approve New Contract

11.1.17 Bargaining Left Side

In the second contract at Loyola University, the Non-tenure Track Faculty gained some major wins!

Alyson Paige Warren, part-time faculty chair and bargaining committee member stated, “we are proud of what we have accomplished with our new contract not just for our Adjunct and Non-Tenure Track faculty membership, but for the whole of Loyola University Chicago and our wider higher education community as well . Through working together, we were able to assert our collective voice as one that must be heard in the decision making process at LUC with our first union contract. This voice further empowered us to break new ground in our current bargaining agreement.”

Alyson Paige Warren, part-time faculty chair and bargaining committee member.

The new contract includes three-weeks of paid paternity leave for the part-timers and workers won the conversion of some part-time positions into full-time positions. Another big win was over course load for the full-timers where we lowered the number of credit hours taught per year that triggers a course release and were able to add a couple of more items to the list of work that qualifies one for a course release.

Sarita Heer, the chief steward and bargaining committee member, said “we hope that by having language concerning part-time to full-time positions that we have set an example for other higher ed faculty unions. This language is unprecedented and could be the start of something big.”