Resolving Complex Issues in Cook County Health Negotiations


The negotiations become more complicated as we dive into floating, temporary transfers, shift rotation, and, most importantly, staffing and workload. At our negotiations on Monday, May 10, we made progress in most of these areas, and in those areas in which there were obstacles, there were productive discussions.

It is important to remember that our contract is silent in most of these areas. So we are trying to address the most egregious problems that both compromise patient care and complicate our work lives.

Assigning workers to a different shift proved to be the most difficult issue to tackle. We recently saw management transfer two Stroger ward clerks from days to nights. This action left the day shift short-staffed and disrupted the lives of these workers and their families. So our goal is to limit the reasons why someone can be assigned to another shift, make sure it is temporary, and compensate the workers for the inconvenience.

Our next negotiations are Monday, May 17. We hope to finalize an agreement on several issues including transfers and promotions, layoff and recall, temporary transfers, shift rotation, and floating. We will open up discussions on staffing/workload, scheduling issues, and on-call.

At the same time, we will begin economic negotiations. We have accepted too little for too long. We worked as essential workers through the pandemic. Now is the time for SEIU Local 73 workers at CCH to be acknowledged and rewarded for our work. It is time that we think big, not small as we demand:

  • Increase the steps to reward longevity
  • Meaningful raises every year for every worker
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Tuition reimbursement and increased educational benefits
  • Affordable healthcare including for retirees