Putting a Stop to CPS Custodial Privatization

4.28 BOE

CPS appears to have not learned its lesson about privatizing custodial management in Chicago schools.

In 2020, CPS decided to put a stop to Aramark’s and Sodexo’s facilities management after surprise inspections revealed filthy, pest filled conditions at dozens of schools.

Now, CPS is looking to turn custodial management over to another private corporation. Clearly CPS fails to understand that private corporations only care about making profits.

At the April 28 Board of Education Meeting, CPS Custodian Aaron Jemison testified on how custodians are short staffed and often have to bring in their own cleaning supplies in order to do their jobs.

SEIU Local 73 President Dian Palmer testified how CPS continues to ask everyone else beside the custodians on how to handle this. CPS surveyed principals, network chiefs, local school councils, community advisory councils, and faith leaders, yet failed to speak with the custodians who have been on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

Replacing Aramark and Sodexo with another private corporation will not result in cleaner schools. In fact, until CPS begins to treat the custodians with respect and include them in the conversation about how to improve things, everyone at CPS will be forced to learn and work under unsanitary conditions.

We demand CPS put a stop to privatizing custodial management and work with our custodians because they understand what it takes to keep our schools clean and safe.