Pritzker Signs Bill Restoring Bargaining Rights


Governor Pritzker signed HB 2275 into law which restores our bargaining rights at CPS and puts our members on equal footing with other school employees across the state.

Since 1995, section 4.5 of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act has allowed CPS to avoid bargaining over class size, outsourcing, length of school day and year, layoffs and more. No other workers outside of Chicago were subject to this injustice.

“We are extremely proud of the work our members did to pass this law and restore bargaining rights for our members and the members of CTU,” said Dian Palmer, Local 73 President.

“26 years is a long time to not have the same rights as educational staff throughout Illinois,” said Science Meles, Local 73 Executive Vice President. “Our members’ efforts of calling, emailing, and rallying for the restoration of their bargaining rights has paid off.”