Clerk’s Office Negotiation Focus on Overtime and Transfers

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We held negotiations with the Clerk’s Office on Friday. We continue to work to narrow the differences on the noneconomic issues so we can soon turn our attention to wages and benefits.

The focus this week was on the following:

  • Overtime:
    • Making sure every reasonable effort is taken to use voluntary overtime before requiring a worker be mandated to work overtime
    • Offering voluntary overtime to regular employees before seasonal employees
  • Transfers:
    • Allow workers in the same job to transfer laterally in the same job to a different division, location and schedule when there are vacant positions that need to be filled

We really are down to these issues as well as some smaller difference on employee seniority rights when there are layoffs or promotional opportunities.

We next meet on April 26 and hope we can settle these issues so we can turn to the much harder economic issues where we are demanding fair raises, longevity pay through larger step increases, equal pay for equal work, and maintaining affordable healthcare. While management has already signaled that they will propose pay cuts even though they are getting $1 billion in Federal support.

Here is the schedule for upcoming negotiations:

  • April 12 – CCH
  • April 21 – Offices Under the President (OUP)
  • April 26 – Clerk’s Office
  • April 28 – CCH
  • May 3 – Sheriff’s Office
  • May 10 – CCH
  • May 11 – OUP
  • May 12 – CCH
  • May 17 – CCH
  • May 18 – OUP
  • May 24 – CCH
  • May 25 – OUP
  • May 26 – CCH
  • June 3 – Sheriff’s Office

You can view the latest information on Cook County Bargaining on our website. 

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