SEIU Local 73 Statement on Racism Against Asian American and Pacific Islanders


Along with the rest of our union family, I and the leadership board of SEIU Local 73 strongly condemn the growing wave of anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) racism. The violence against this community that was seen recently in Atlanta is despicable. Last summer, our union members and allies marched day and night to show solidarity in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The attacks in Atlanta display how racism continues to be a disease in a country that supposedly promises liberty for all. We were angry then and we are angry now.

The blight of racism impacts all our communities of color. The attacks against the AAPI community goes to show that our fight is far from over. 

To the AAPI members of our union, we are deeply remorseful for this brazen attack. Our Asian American and Pacific Islander members are a source of strength in our union, and we stand behind them in every effort to defeat racism against their community. 

Solidarity Forever, 

President Dian Palmer, SEIU Local 73