Skokie Public Library Workers File to Form Union


SEIU Local 73 is pleased to announce a majority of eligible Skokie Public Library staff have signed authorization cards to join our union. The workers have filed paperwork with the Illinois Labor Relations Board to seek certification as a union.

“Important decisions, especially those that impact health and safety, are currently being made by people who are not most directly impacted by these decisions,” said Angela Jones, Youth & Family Program Coordinator. “I love this library and I want it to be a safe and healthy place to work for everyone who works here. I support unionizing to ensure that all staff, especially those with the fewest amount of benefits, have a say in decisions that impact their wellbeing.”

“A union is the backbone of a strong and effective workforce. The voices of all staff, no matter their income level or job title, deserve to be heard and respected,” said Jarrett Dapier, Young Adult Librarian. “We can now, through collective bargaining, more effectively advocate for a healthier, safer, and more secure library staff. By working together in this way, we will be able to deliver even better and more consistent library services to the people of Skokie.”

“I support the union because my coworkers deserve a more democratic decision-making process,” said Ly Nguyen, Information Specialist. “While we fight for justice outside of work, we have to look at the ways the workplace can be more equitable and give voice to frontline staff.”

The Skokie Library Union Organizing Committee has asked the leadership of Skokie Library to remain neutral and respect their rights as workers to form a union.