UIC Fails to Honor Contract


Chancellor Amiridis, Michael Zenn, and others in UIC leadership have failed to honor their word and the contract they signed with us. The contract clearly states pay raises would show in the first paycheck after signing. UIC broke that promise and provided no information on when they will honor the contract. This week, management refused to provide pandemic pay to everyone putting their lives at risk on the frontlines. We must remind them how critical our work is to UIC. 

We learned from our strike this fall when we stick together and fight we can win. Now is the time to hold management’s feet to the fire using the most powerful tool we have as a union – our strength in numbers. 

Take action today by flooding management’s inbox with messages from union members.

Frequently Asked Questions From 12/15 Membership Meeting

When will SEIU 73 represented employees see the raises implemented?
The raises were supposed to be implemented the week following contract implementation. Our contract was signed on November 30 and the raises were to be applied that following week. Because they failed to honor the contract, we have filed an all-affected grievance on behalf of all the members. They have not committed to a timeline to implement the raises. We are continuing to explore other options we have to hold them accountable.

FOR PROS ONLY: The raises and retro pay will be calculated after the market study for the professionals is complete.

When will SEIU 73 represented employees get their retro?
The retro is usually calculated after the raises are implemented, but they have failed to provide a timeline.

Will we lose pay due to this delay?
No. The university is legally obligated to pay this money, and everyone will receive their full pay & raises, including all back pay owed.

What can we do to force UIC to implement these things?
We need to show them our strength in numbers! Send an email to the university administrators today and share this link with friends and co-workers. Flooding their inboxes with messages shows the strike was not the end of our fight!

If an employee leaves UIC, are they still eligible for the raises?
Yes, so long as that employee was working at UIC when the contract was signed and executed.

How do we know if the pay was implemented correctly?
Employees will need to check their earnings from the previous months to make sure it was calculated correctly. They should also contact their department payroll if they have additional concerns.

How does the market pay work?
Starting this year, the university will conduct a market study every year around this time for ALL UIC employees. They have not committed to a timeline yet for when the market study will be completed.

How do I apply for the certification or the bilingual bonus?
You’ll need to contact your department supervisor and let them know you are applying for the bonus as per the agreement. If the department denies the application, employees should contact the Union at 312-787-5868.