We’re Putting the Pressure on Cook County Management

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Your bargaining committee had a positive negotiation session with the Office of the President today. We had a serious discussion about protecting the rights of workers across the County in the event of promotion, transfer or layoff.

This is the first time anyone in management has taken this matter seriously.

We discussed the opportunity for workers to have expanded job security and seniority rights whether transferring or applying to fill vacant positions across the County beyond their current worksite or specific contract before hiring outside applicants. We, also, had discussion about a worker’s rights when facing a layoff to fill positions across the entire County and not just positions coved by a worker’s contract.

While an agreement was not yet reached, we are encouraged by the positive discussions held today. Our hope is that similar positive discussions about expanding the rights of the workers, regardless of which office they work in, will occur across County negotiations.

The next Countywide bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee