Jewish Federation Bargaining Committee Reaches TA with Management


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve reached an agreement with Management! This is tentative, pending approval by our union members! We’ve put up a strong fight and made huge gains with our 52% membership. In 2016 we had such low membership that we sustained losses. Imagine what we’ll be able to do in 3 years, at 100% membership! Below is a summary of our wins:

  • 9% pay increases across-the-board, over the length of the 3-year contract
  • 4 weeks paid parental leave (up from NONE), 3 weeks for CJE
  • Increased wage minimums
  • Increases in benefit time
  • Increases in wage differentials for CJE employees, holiday pay for ISPs
  • Ability to cash out PTO
  • Friday after Thanksgiving paid starting 2020, MLK day paid starting 2021
  • A new substitute teacher policy for JCC teachers
  • Simplified and improved health insurance options
  • Expanded length of bereavement leave, in accordance with Jewish tradition
  • For JCFS CCCs and Child Welfare: agreement by Management to negotiate caseload caps and comp time policies, which includes an agreement to cash out comp time
  • Expanded rights for stewards, and policies that will help us strengthen our union

The details of these wins vary by agency, so it is important that everyone come out to learn about the new contract and vote on it. In order to ratify our new contract, we need a majority of voters (50% plus 1) to approve. Your voice needs to be heard in this process! It will likely take place in mid-January, so keep an eye on our Facebook group page. If you haven’t received bargaining updates via your personal email, message this page to provide your email address. Sign a member card if you haven’t already and reach out to your bargaining committee and stewards with any questions.

Our fight never stops, though! TAKE ACTION TODAY:

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