SEIU Local 73 Endorsed Candidates Win Big in Midterm Election


The 2022 midterm election was a qualified success for SEIU Local 73. More than 90 percent of our endorsed candidates won their elections. And the Workers’ Rights Amendment passed and will now be a part of the Illinois State Constitution.

“There was so much at stake in this election like the freedom of collective bargaining, the freedom to vote, and the freedom of women to decide if and when we grow our families,” said Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Local 73. “I remember when Scott Walker stripped workers of their rights in Wisconsin. That’s what anti-union groups like Illinois Policy Institute and billionaire Dick Uihlein want. But we stopped them by passing the Workers’ Rights Amendment. We have ensured that no politician can ever take away our union rights.”

“Member involvement has been the key to our political success,” said Jeff Howard, Executive Vice President. “From door knocking to phone banking and everything in between, Local 73 members stepped up to get our endorsed candidates elected.”

Local 73 President Dian Palmer speaks about the freedoms at stake in this election.
Local 73 Executive Vice President Jeff Howard speaks about the importance of being politically active.

Local 73’s political work is funded through voluntary contributions to our political action committee, COPE. COPE contributions give us the ability to elect candidates who support our members and our issues.

“I encourage all of our members to contribute to COPE so we can continue to elect candidates who support us and win on critical legislative issues,” said Howard.