Chicago Crossing Guards

We have a new Memorandum of Agreement with the Board of Education of the City of Chicago for all crossing guards represented by SEIU Local 73.

Memorandum of Agreement

Summary of MOA

All Crossing Guards receive the same health and benefit programs provided by the Board to the Board’s employees covered by the Board CBA, and the premiums, coverage, and related terms offered through those programs, including optional long-term disability, optional health and dental benefits, and supplemental retirement, beginning February 1, 2021.

Leave of Absence
Crossing Guards will be subject to the leaves of absence policies outlined in the Board CBA, for the following leaves: short-term disability and maternity leave, military leave, bereavement leave, jury duty, court attendance, election leave, leave to attend conferences, report card pick up, family and medical leave, and personal days.

The BOARD shall adhere to the City CBA for all other leaves of absence, including, but not limited to, union leave, vacation days, sick leave, holidays, injury on duty leave, personal leave, medical leave, and marriage leave. Crossing Guards that work on City CBA holidays will be paid at the rate of one-and-a-half times the normal rate of pay.

Years of service with the City count as part of their seniority, for all purposes, with the Board.

Staff will receive a one-time bid opportunity on vacant positions on July 1st of every year. If multiple crossing guards bid on the same position, it will be awarded based on length of service. Notice of vacancies will be provided within two weeks of the bid being opened.

Crossing Guards shall be compensated for time spent on trainings mandated by the BOARD at their regular hourly rate and overtime rates in accordance with applicable law.

Performance evaluations will follow the BOARD’s Talent evaluation process.

Unpaid Furlough/Deferred Compensation
Programs and employment benefits provided by the CBA with the City of Chicago that are not offered by the BOARD, limited to Unpaid Furlough Program and the deferred compensation plan match (among others), will not be continued upon employ with the BOARD.

Other Issues

Vacation Pay
Local 73 has put CPS on notice that they need to calculate the Vacation Pay for May 2021 half of vacation pay for all eligible Crossing Guard’s right away, and prepare to do the December Vacation Pay on time. We will make use of the grievance procedure if CPS does not follow through in a reasonable time frame.

CPS Notification on Return to School

All information that the Crossing Guards need to return back to school is listed on their work phones. This information was also emailed from CPS to all Crossing Guards.

Please Note: Crossing Guards should begin using their CPS email addresses for all communications with CPS.