When We File, We Win: Settlement Victory!

Krystal Hughes Grievance Victory (1)

We are thrilled to announce a favorable settlement for one of our former dedicated union members, Krystal Hughes, a paraprofessional with the School City of East Chicago.

Krystal faced a 5-day suspension based on unsubstantiated allegations of supposedly instigating a strike in 2023. The School City’s handling of the case was riddled with due process violations. Despite a challenging arbitration scenario, with unreliable witnesses and a non-binding arbitration clause in our contract, we negotiated a solid settlement.

Settlement Highlights:

  • Backpay: Krystal will receive 3 days of backpay at the teacher’s rate of $30/hour.
  • Record Cleared: The suspension will be completely removed from her record.

Why filing a grievance is important:
This victory reminds us of the importance of holding management accountable to our contract. We encourage all union members to stand firm and not let management intimidate you. If you face unjust treatment, file a grievance and trust the process. Our union is here to support you every step of the way! Let’s continue to stand strong and united!