Major Gains in New Chicago Park District Contract

CPKD Ratification

Chicago Park District Workers overwhelmingly approved their new four-year contract which contains major wage gains for all workers and other improvements for workers.

“It was a long time to get the respect we deserve for our work as Chicago Park District employees,” said Corey Finkley, bargaining team member and Park Supervisor, Sumner Park. “I’m celebrating this contract win because we tackled not just one issue but several issues that impact most of our members. We made this victory happen because we stuck together. When we fight together, we win together!” 

The new contract contains 19.3% compounded wage increases for monthly workers and $5/hour increase for hourly workers over the course of the contract. Lifeguards will increase to $21/hour for year-round positions and $19/hour for seasonal positions beginning Jan. 1, 2024. The contract also includes longevity increases for workers with 10-20 years of service.

“This is a groundbreaking contract not only because of the historic raises we won but also because of improved contract language that will increase protections for members so we feel more supported in our jobs every day,” said Regis Banks, Bargaining Team member and Attendant at La Follette. “Whether it’s our wins on longevity pay, the promotions process, or the cap on healthcare increases, these are all historic victories for our members! I am proud of all the hard work of the bargaining team, Local 73 staff, and active union members who made this happen.”

Under the contract, management will work with the Union to identify opportunities to create more monthly positions and expand programming.

In an effort to expand health insurance access, the ‚ÄčLabor Management Committee will provide modifications for expanding eligibility by Jan 1, 2026.

In addition a fair and transparent promotions process, enforceable through arbitration, will be developed within six months of ratification.

“This new contract will reverse the trend of short staffing due to low wages and inadequate benefits,” said Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Local 73. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Brandon Johnson and his staff for their instrumental role in facilitating this agreement.”