CPS Grievance Victory!

Harvey Jones Grievance Post

When Harvey Jones received a meritless one day suspension in 2018 for alleged violations of the electronic communications policy, he filed a grievance with his union to fight back. Acknowledging the Employer’s lack of evidence, the arbitrator sustained Harvey’s grievance. Harvey’s discipline was removed, and he was rewarded full back pay for his 1-day suspension. Despite facing baseless allegations and a day of unjust suspension, Harvey’s decision to seek recourse through our union ultimately led to a victorious outcome.

Even though this was considered a smaller case I appreciate the support from SEIU 73 and how
they stood by me through every step of the way. Although the experience was very emotional
and stressful I don’t regret putting up a fight to protect my rights!
I encourage all members who are considering filing a grievance to believe in the power of our
union and not to accept anything less than what you deserve!

Harvey Jones, SECA Corliss High School

This case serves as a reminder of the power of collective bargaining and the significance of enforcing your rights as a worker when they are being violated.

No matter how solid our contract is, management will always try to get away with violating it. It’s on us to hold them accountable and enforce the rights we fought so hard for. Filing a grievance is how we fight back and protect ourselves from being taken advantage of.

Stacia Scott Kennedy, Executive Vice President