Chicago Park District Attendants Win Grievance Over Subcontracted Workers

CPkD Janitor Grievance Victory

When Chicago Park District (CPkD) subcontracted janitorial services for their new headquarters building instead of assigning the work to our members, our union filed a grievance and we won!

CPkD has been directed to cancel its contracts with the subcontracting firm, and immediately assign the work to members of our bargaining unit.

When Chicago Park District subcontracts workers, it’s like a slap in the face for us. Those jobs are ours, and taking them away from us has a real effect on our lives. This victory gives me a lot of hope, that when our union fights for what’s right, we can indeed win!

Regis Banks, Attendant for CPkD 29 years

Our members fought hard for their current contract, so for Chicago Park District to violate those agreements is downright disrespectful. By holding management accountable and filing grievances we can win major victories. Our Park District attendants do far more for our park buildings than anyone could imagine, they deserve this victory and more!

– Jeffrey Howard, Executive VP SEIU Local 73