Waukegan Workers Win Major Grievance Victory!

Waukegan Grievance (1)

When custodial and maintenance workers noticed a massive increase in their insurance deductions at Waukegan Public School, union members decided they needed to investigate the situation. They found major discrepancies in management’s numbers, prompting them to file a grievance. Through the grievance process, they were able to win back close to $50,000! Starting March 15, Waukegan members will not pay for insurance until they are fully credited for the overpayment. The reimbursed amount for each member varies, with approximately $900 going to people who have Family PPO (the most expensive option) down to about $20 for those on the Single HMO plan.  

This victory is a reminder that when we keep management accountable and use our right to grieve violations in our contract, we can win big!

Dave Sims, Maintenance at Waukegan Public School & Chief Steward