Victory for CPS Board Custodians!

Aramark Victory


After ten years of fighting a $16 billion for-profit management company, we won. Aramark’s contract will not be renewed. After ten years of Board custodians being mismanaged by outside vendors, CPS facilities will manage our members, supplies, and equipment directly. 

“Congratulations, union members! We have emerged victorious in our fight to bring union custodians back under the supervision of CPS instead of Aramark. This is a testament to our Union’s collective strength and determination,” said Veronica Heard, Lead Custodian, Executive Board Member, and Bargaining Committee Member. “Your union custodial leadership team of members and elected officers have been unwavering and persistent in our fight to bring custodial management house. It’s a new day for Board Custodians. I am proud of our Union! We have shown that we can achieve great things when we stand united. Let the victory inspire us to continue fighting for the rights and well-being of all union members.”

We have successfully advocated for CPS facilities to create a new sub-pool of SEIU Local 73 members (new positions) to help fill in for members when they are out, lightening their workload when they return and expanding our membership. 

For the last two and a half years, Veronica Heard, executive board member and bargaining committee member; Aaron Jemison, executive board member and bargaining committee member; Timmy Simmons, bargaining committee member; Director Trumaine Reeves; and Executive Vice President Stacia Scott Kennedy have been meeting with CPS facilities to target Aramark’s contractual responsibilities and demand alternative solutions systematically. Board custodians completed countless surveys to support our claims against Aramark’s management of members, equipment, and supplies. Your participation in your union is directly responsible for this win. 

We have worked closely with CPS facilities since the fall of 2021, so today’s announcement could be a reality and a victory for our members. 

During this massive transition to in-house management, there will be hiccups and problems to solve, so communication will be essential. We are confident that our members’ egregious mistreatment and struggles under privatized management are over. 

When we fight, we win!