School Security Officers in Decatur Win New Benefits in Contract


School security officers in Decatur School District #61 have won multiple new benefits in their new contract including two additional personal days for employees who work summer school; summer work by seniority; new uniforms and other equipment; and protection from monitoring by surveillance cameras. The new contract also includes annual wage increases with retroactive pay to last July, and the union defeated proposals from management for random drug testing and unfettered ability to transfer employees from location to location

“After months of back and forth and at times a bitter battle with management we achieved a contract which was overwhelmingly ratified by the members,” said Jim Dellert, Bargaining Team Member.

“We stayed resilient to win an economic package and benefits reaffirming our worth to the district,” said Johnny McClendon, Steward and Bargaining Team Member. “We provide first class work and deserve to be treated with respect.”