Victory! Local 73 Member Reinstated After Arbitration Win

Envision Chris Crowell Article 09.29.23

An Envision Unlimited worker is back on the job after an arbitrator ruled his termination unjust and ordered his reinstatement.

Envision terminated Direct Service Professional Chris Crowell for alleged gross negligence. Local 73 filed a grievance on his behalf and the legal department proceeded to arbitration in defense of Crowell, claiming the employer lacked just cause and evidence to support their claims. Citing the evidence presented at the hearing, including Crowell’s clean work record and his acknowledgment of an isolated mistake, the Arbitrator reduced Crowell’s termination to a 30-day suspension and ordered him made whole in all other ways. Eighteen months after his termination, he is now back on the job.

“This is a victory for me because I was awarded my job back despite the circumstances and being away from the agency for a year and a half. Local 73 helped me tremendously. They did the grievances and fought for me to get my bonus. I’m grateful for that. If I were not part of Local 73, I would not have gotten my job back,” said Crowell.