Two New Contracts Bring Higher Wages to Oak Park River Forest High School


Local 73 members at Oak Park River Forest High School show that when we fight, we win. Safety and Support workers and their Building and Ground coworkers are celebrating significant economic wins in two recently ratified contracts.

Safety and Support Contract

Safety and Support workers successfully bargained a seniority equitable adjustment that awards an hourly pay raise between $1.50 and $4. Additionally, workers will receive annual increases of $1, 75 cents, and 65 cents per hour. Workers also won a shift differential increase depending on shift time and location: 50 cents per hour when the shift begins after noon, $2 per hour for Behavioral Response Leads, and $1.75 per hour for employees assigned to their locker rooms.

“Thanks to SEIU Local 73 for leading us to great negotiations. It went extremely well thanks to the leadership of Steward Jeremy Powell and Union Rep Eduardo Victoria. We got market adjustments and shift differential, plus yearly raises,” said Safety and Support Chief Steward Anissa Molette.

Building and Ground Contract

Building and Ground workers also made significant economic gains in their contract. Workers won a large shift differential increase from 45 cents to $1.25 per hour, a 3.5% wage increase over the next three years, a 3% increase during the last year of the contract, one extra holiday, and a $100 shoe allowance. Senior workers with 15 years of service also won five additional vacation days.

“Working with the representatives of SEIU Local 73 on our new contract was both educational and informative. After several weeks of negotiations, a new work contract with a lot of improvements was agreed to. Thank much to Kenny Lama, Mario Hernandez, Donell Davis, and Eduardo Victoria for being a great team,” said Building and Grounds Chief Steward Bob Collins.