First Union Contract Brings Pay Increases, Protections to Skokie Public Library

Skokie Library

Skokie Public Library workers have unanimously ratified their first contract, bringing significant changes to the workplace.

The new union contract includes language for terminations for just cause and establishes a grievance process that allows workers to exercise their rights when facing discipline. Library Workers were previously at-will employees without any protections from wrongful termination.

Library workers also won retroactive wage increases, guaranteed sick time for full and part-time employees, paid holidays, vacation time, and the ability to roll over half a personal day into the following year. Additionally, library workers won partial tuition reimbursements should they decide to pursue higher education.

“I am most excited about permanent paid sick time for all staff and getting good raises, especially for the lowest paid staff. For staff who have been at the top of their pay grades, salary caps won’t stop them from getting raises,” said Christie Robinson, Senior Communications Strategist

“Scheduling time off so we don’t lose the benefits we have year to year has been a struggle. But now, we can carry over half a personal day. It’s going to make a difference in departments like mine that are small, where we all work together and everyone has to balance each other out,” said Rachael Bild, Teen Services Librarian

“Hearing what other people have gone through and just to build better communications and transparency among our library brothers and sisters has been very powerful. I want to support people who might be going through stuff. We want to work here at Skokie Library because we love this place, and we want to make it a good place to work,” said Mandy O’Brien, Youth Services Librarian