Big Contract Wins for Harvey School District #152

HSD 152

Last week, SEIU Local 73 members at Harvey School District #152 ratified their new contract, as they saw sizable wins in wages and other economics.

For six months, the bargaining team and their coworkers fought for a contract that reflects their efforts. “Where there is unity, there is always victory. We believe we won a fair contract,” said the HSD #152 bargaining team. “And with the support of our members, we’re proud that our hard work paid off with the ratification of this contract.”

The new contract, which is set for the next four years, highlights the challenging work that the bargaining team did at the table, despite persistent pushback from management. Wins included guaranteed paid holidays, additional vacation time, and a significant wage increase over the course of the contract (5%, 4.5%, 4.5%, 4.5%).