Steady Progress in Cook County Clerk’s Office Negotiations


The negotiations with the County Clerk’s Office on Friday, Feb. 19 continued to make steady progress including agreements on increasing the cap of comp time hours which may be accrued, and adding Juneteenth Day as a paid holiday.

There was a lively discussion on:

  • Seasonal workers having more rights when they are regular employees
  • Workers being assigned additional duties in a higher pay grade or the role of relief supervisors without higher pay
  • Limiting vacation black-out periods and making sure there is a limit on the number of hours in a day or days in a week that Office of Election workers can be required to work during any black-out period
  • Creating clarity in the job titles and pay grades of various jobs in the Clerk’s Office.

Our next negotiations at the Clerk’s Office are on Friday, Feb. 26. We will work to resolve these issues as well as negotiate the definition of seniority and how it applies in layoffs, transfers, and promotions. Our goal is to expand the job security and job advancement rights of workers so what happened to the former Recorder of Deeds workers does not happen to any County worker in the future.

We have the following upcoming bargaining dates:

  • Feb 26 Clerk’s Office
  • Mar 8 Sheriff’s Office
  • Mar 11 CCH Technicians
  • Mar 15 CCH Healthcare Professionals
  • Mar 17 Offices Under the President
  • Mar 22 Sheriff’s Office
  • Mar 24 Offices Under the President
  • Mar 25 CCH Healthcare Professionals

You can view the latest information on Cook County Bargaining on our website.

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