Cook County Members Overwhelmingly Vote to Strike

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CC FB Profile Pic-v290% of our members across Cook County have voted to hold a one-day strike caused by the County’s bad faith bargaining and failure to provide pandemic pay to essential frontline workers across the County!

In the more than two months since the committee has been bargaining, management has engaged in the following conduct resulting in a number of unfair labor practices being filed:

  • Failed to propose any solutions at the bargaining table;
  • Canceled four bargaining sessions and refused bargain at the Universal County-wide table;
  • Walked out on County Clerk negotiations refusing to bargain with members who have a legal right to sit at the table;
  • Offered too little pandemic pay for too few frontline essential workers across Cook County; and
  • Unlawfully threatened workers for their legal right to strike.

The bargaining committee will be sending Cook County management the legally required notice prior to the one-day strike.

We ask that Cook County members plan to join us for a Tele Townhall on Monday, December 7, to discuss the one-day strike, your rights, and how you can participate safely.