UIC: COVID-19 Pay Differentials Announced

UIC-COVID-UPDATE (1)We are proud to announce additional compensation for employees who are serving in high-risk environments during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Governor J.B. Pritzker’s subsequent Stay at Home Order. This is effective backdating to March, 22, 2020 through a date to be determined by the Campus and Hospital Incident Command Teams in conjunction with City of Chicago and/or State of Illinois Stay at Home directives.

These differentials are for UIC Employees Providing:

  • Direct support to the healthcare mission;
  • Public-facing engagement with persons who have or who are suspected to have COVID-19;
  • Cleaning services within university facilities that have the potential to have been COVID-19 contaminated.

Please refer to the tables below for the new pay differentials:

Employee Groups Performaing Direct or Indirect Support to Critical and Essential Functions at UIC Differential for COVID-19 PERIOD
Building Service Workers (BSW), BSW Supervisors, BSW Superintendents (VCAS) $1.00/hr
Building Service Workers and Housekeepers (VCSA) $1.00/hr
Building Service Foreman (VCSA) $1.00/hr
Building Service Supervisor (VCSA) $1.00/hr
Emergency Medical Technician (VCAS) $1.00/hr
Cashiers (VCAS) $1.00/hr
Parking Service Attendants (VCAS) $1.00/hr
Valet Parking Attendants (VCAS) $1.00/hr


Employee Groups Providing and Supporting Patient Care Services in a Covid-19 Designated Area  (A) Differential for Reassignment to COVID-19 Areas (B) COVID-19 Non-Critical Care Area Differential (C) Covid-19 Critical Care Area Differential
OVCAS Civil Service Employees (Building Service Workers) N/A $1.50/hr $2.00/hr
Non-Exempt (hourly) SEIU $1.00/hr $4.00/hr $5.00/hr
Exempt (salaried) SEIU $120/biweekly $400/biweekly $500/biweekly
  • Any staff who has her/his duties reassigned to a COVID-19 area will receive a reassignment differential on all hours worked (productive hours)
  • Any staff providing patient care services on a designated COVID-19 area (Critical Care or Non-Critical Care) shall receive a differential on all hours worked (productive hours)
  • COVID-19 designated areas include (as of March 26, 2020): 7E Medicine, 7E Step Down, 7E Clinical Decision Unit, 5W Pediatrics, Emergency Department & triage tent, testing sites at Mile Square, University Health Service and Pilsen, clinic and any other unit converted to a COVID-19 area in the future.
  • COVID-19 critical care designated areas include 6W MICU & 5W PICU
  • Examples include:
    • Employees reassigned to COVID area = column A + column B
    • Employees reassigned to COVID critical care area = column A + column C
    • Employees regularly assigned to COVID area = column B
    • Employees regularly assigned to COVID critical care area = column C

Here are three things you can do to continue supporting the fight to protect your fellow UIC workers.

  • If you have a health or safety concern relating to any of the above issues, please report it here!
  • If you are not a member, then sign a union membership card today, because when we fight together, we win together.
  • Sign the petition and share it with your department! Everything we’ve gained so far is the direct result of members standing united.