Secretary of State Contract Ratified

With 80% of the membership voting, the new 4 year contract has been ratified!


Here are the highlights:

  • 10% increase over 4 years for all employees.
  • PSRs receive additional 4% (due to the various hazards from road tests).
  • Professional ranges are adjusted to reflect the annual increases (resulting in more growth before being topped out). The range’s upper end will be increased by the percentage increase so the top end will be higher before an employee tops out.
  • The longevity compensation for those topped out which was previously $1200 moves to $1300, then $1400 and then $1500.
  • There will be a CDL Differential for qualified employees of $75/month.
  • There will be a Trainer Differential for employees identified as facility or department trainers of $75/month.
  • There is a side letter which recognizes the increased need for Labor/Management meetings over topics to include Real ID issues, end of day closing facility issues, number allowed off for vacation concerns, as well as other issues that may arise.
  • Bereavement leave will move grandparents and grandchildren from Tier 2 to Tier 1.

The Secretary of State bargaining team: Alan Jones, Camille Redman, Eric Walker, Fernando Suarez, Patrick Casey, Patrick Moreno, Pam Muertz, Marsha Somlar, Kara Smith, Scott Zimmerman, Michelle Barnhart, Georgina Poole, and Carol Davis.