University of Chicago – Latest Facilities Bargaining Update


The bargaining committee sat down with management for our second bargaining session on Monday, June 24th. Neither the union nor management has offered an economic package or discussed things like pay, benefits and other important issues to the membership.

The Union offered additional non-economic proposals on the following:

  • Making sure management discusses any job description changes with the union
  • Ensuring that workload increases are discussed with the union and push back on the loss of staff
  • Stronger Sunday premium language
  • Renew the Favored Nations language in the current contract

The next session will be July 3rd. We hope to finalize some Tentative Agreements on non-economic issues and move closer to discussing pay and benefits.

If you want to hear more about bargaining, please reach out to someone on the Bargaining Committee.

Joe Pruim
Bernard Gillespie
Brandon Osterman
Travis Clark
Dave Goodwin
Oscar Charo
Thomas Wright

If you have any additional questions, reach out to a member of the bargaining committee or email Elizabeth Towell ( or call 312 588 7400.