UIC Strike Authorization Vote

Update: When we fight, we win! Members at Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford campuses OVERWHELMINGLY VOTED YES to authorize actions up to and including a strike to win justice at UIC. (We are still waiting for mail ballots from DSCC workers who are spread across the state to come in; the large majority of votes have already been counted.)

The very next day, on Friday June 9, management finally made offers to Technical, Service & Maintenance, and Clerical workers that included the addition of guaranteed wage increases of 25 cents/hour in years 3 and 4 – or the “campus wage”- whichever is greater. There are still open issues, but this is progress – thanks to those members (including over 215 new members last week!) who took action and sent a strong message to management. For the last four months, management has insisted that we accept wage packages with no guaranteed increases in the last 2 years of the contracts. They said if we don’t accept that, they might take back their offer of 2% effective February 26 of this year.

Our four bargaining committees have decided to take action and hold a strike authorization vote! We’ve had enough of this mistreatment and are taking a stand to call out the university’s behavior as blatant institutional racism. A yes vote gives our committee the ability to call for a strike.
Visit a voting site June 6-8 and have your voice heard! DSCC members had ballots mailed to their home address. Ballots must be mailed back and received June 8 to be counted.

See below for dates, times, and locations to vote or click here.