Cook County United Action Update

Our Cook County united bargaining committee, comprised of Local 73 members working in the Cook County Health and Hospitals System and corporate offices, came together May 3 to resume negotiations on our new contract.

While previous contracts have taken years to complete, our bargaining committee started negotiations well in advance of our contract expiring. It’s about time we win a fair contract that doesn’t take four years!

The County responded to the ground rules we proposed when negotiations began on April 6 and gave us the status of our information request. In addition, they gave our committee 19 proposals, including cleaning up contract language, adding in more universal language for all of us, residency requirements, and cost-saving measures for CCHHS (a takeaway for those working at county hospitals and clinics).

Our bargaining committee reviewed the county’s proposals and will work together on our response to these proposals when negotiations resume May 24.

Our bargaining committee is dedicated toward fighting for a fair contract! Together, we will fight to win a contract that improves the lives of those working for and living in Cook County.

Our Committee Needs to Hear From YOU! Fill out a survey today!

Along with hearing the county’s proposals, our bargaining committee came together to discuss the issues that we should address in negotiations. But, they can’t do this alone! We want to hear from every member what is important to you and what should be addressed in negotiations.

Leaders and stewards are currently distributing a survey. This is your chance to tell the bargaining committee what is important to you! Fill out the survey and return it to your staff representative or steward as soon as possible.

Our bargaining committee will need time to review the surveys before negotiations resume May 24.