We Fought and Won – State Paychecks Continue


We joined with our allies in labor organizations from across the state in a St. Clair County Courthouse to fight last week, and we won!

A judge sided with more than 62,000 men and women working for the State of Illinois and denied the Attorney General’s motion to stop paychecks. The judge said that he was not willing to reverse the original decision due to the extreme hardship that losing paychecks and health benefits would cause to working families and the taxpayers who rely on the services they provide.

This ruling means that everyone working for the state, including those at the Secretary of State, Department of Military Affairs, and Department of Natural Resources, will continue to be paid, with or without a state budget.

This isn’t the end of our fight, however. We still need a state budget that is fair and provides funding to state agencies, higher education, and vital social services. The governor’s unfair, unbalanced budget that he proposed yesterday does not accomplish this.

Tell the governor that enough is enough. Stop the games and present a fair, balanced budget for all Illinois families.