Demand state funding now

The bill that would deliver proper funding to state agencies was not voted on by the Illinois House Thursday, making next week critically important for the status of paychecks for all those working for the state. See below for more information on how to stay involved.

Monday, 10 a.m.

Teletown Hall for those working for the Secretary of State, Department of Military Affairs, and Department of Natural ResourcesĀ 

Call 888.409.5380 to join

Hear more about the funding bill and more during our teletown hall at 10 a.m. Monday. This will be your opportunity to hear the latest news and ask questions.

You will receive a call Monday morning to join the call, or you can call 888.409.5380 at 10 a.m. Monday to join us.

Tuesday/Wednesday: House Expected to Vote on HB 1798

There is still time to tell your representative to support HB 1798. Click here to tell your representative to support HB 1798 and give Illinois the fair state budget we need and deserve!

Thursday: State worker paycheck hearing

A judge ruled last year that all state workers should continue to be paid even without a state budget. Unfortunately, the Illinois Attorney General has challenged this decision. This case will be heard this Thursday, February 16. Be sure to come back here and visit ourĀ Facebook page for more information after the hearing.