Enough is Enough – We Need a State Budget


Recent actions regarding the state budget could put the paychecks of people who work for the State of Illinois at risk. All state employees should be able to count on getting paid for our work and together we will fight any effort that threatens the paychecks that support our families.

This is the most recent in a chain of events over the last two years that have a created a crisis in our state. We’re all very clear on who is responsible for this: Gov. Bruce Rauner. Important public and social services have been jeopardized without a state budget and will continue to get worse unless the governor signs a budget that is fair for working families and all of Illinois.

Tell Gov. Rauner that enough is enough. We demand a budget that respects all Illinois families now!

State workers go to work every day and serve the people of our state. We do our jobs but Gov. Rauner is not doing his. His failure to pass a budget with the legislature has created an extraordinary crisis in Illinois–which has been without a budget for longer than any state since World War II. Gov. Rauner’s agenda is clear: he wants a budget that would restrict our basic right to form unions and undermine pensions. Unless he ends his dangerous political posturing, more than 60,000 of workers across the state may stop getting paid as soon as March 1.

We will come together with public employees and others across the state in the coming days to stand up to Gov. Rauner and demand that he deliver a fair budget for all of Illinois, not just his millionaire friends.