COVID-19 Update for Crossing Guards

You, as Crossing Guards are the front line for the children of our great city. You are the first person our children see in the morning and the last one when they go home. In these unsure times they need to see the faces they trust and make them feel comfortable. We are in a moment of crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over the world. In times of crisis strong leaders must rise to the challenge.

The OEMC, because of this pandemic and the Chicago Public Schools closing, is changing the hours of work for Crossing Guards to 9am-1pm Monday through Friday effective March 17,2020 until further notice. This change is to ensure children and their families have safe travel to schools where food banks are being established for children who may be homeless or depend on the schools for breakfast and lunch. We know this change is a departure from our normal hours and our past practices, but difficult times call for us as the Public Safety Unit of the City of Chicago to step up to the challenge for the communities we serve. 

Keeping workers safe is also a priority. Make sure you follow the guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus by washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, social distancing, staying out of crowds of 10 or more. Click to view blog post we put up on the Local’s site.

While Crossing Guards are working from 9am-1pm, work is not mandatory. If you don’t want to work or have reasons why you can’t work, just let your supervisor know and there will be no penalty or discipline for not working. You can use available benefit time, if you choose. Additionally, as we are working expanded hours please take breaks when needed. Let your supervisor know if you need to leave your post.

We ask and appreciate everyone for their understanding and flexibility in this difficult time. We must continue to stand together and help keep our children safe. For many the children they need to travel to receive their only meal of the day. With more cases of COVID-19 showing up in the United States, let’s remember to keep calm and support our communities. Thank you for doing your part to serve our communities and helping all of us stay safe.