SEIU members endorse Joe Biden for President!

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SEIU members work the essential jobs that keep us safe and keep our country running. We’re Black, white, Latinx, API, Immigrant and Native American, united by the belief that everyone deserves a future where we can all feel safe, work hard and thrive, no matter the color of our skin or where we work.

In this moment of reckoning when we are faced with the triple crises of a pandemic, racial injustice and economic inequality, SEIU members are fighting to transform our country.  Joe Biden has the experience, character, compassion and steady leadership to tackle the challenges before us and lead us to a better future. 

Joe Biden will fight alongside us to make this country safe, free, and fair for all people – regardless of the color of our skin or how much money we have. Vice President Joe Biden has a proven record working for and with working people for economic, racial, immigrant and environmental justice. He has a plan to make it easier for millions of workers to join unions, and has committed to working with us to break down the systemic racism and exclusion that keeps working families and our communities from getting ahead.

Donald Trump has repeatedly sided with corporations over working people and our communities. We need competent, compassionate national leadership. Instead, our president contradicts medical experts, stokes racial divisions and incites violence with bizarre, unhinged tweets. 

SEIU members are proud to support Joe Biden for President, and we’re ready to turn our outrage, energy and hope into votes. Our efforts will focus on turning out SEIU members, our families and communities, and expanding the electorate by turning out infrequent Black, Latino and Asian American Pacific Islander voters. Adjusting to the new reality posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have combined our deep expertise in both traditional and digital organizing to connect with voters in multiple languages. We will have hundreds of member political organizers deployed full time to recruit additional volunteers and talk to their coworkers about making their plan to vote.

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