JCC Win and Bargaining Update

jfed-winWe’re writing as your co-workers and as your bargaining committee regarding ongoing negotiations with the management of the social service agencies funded by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago — CJE, JCC, JCFS Chicago, and JUF.

During our most recent bargaining sessions we finalized most of our non-economic proposed changes to the contract:

1)  JCC Substitute Teacher Policy: For several years, JCC preschool teachers have asked that management change their policy which required teachers to find their own substitutes in times of illness or emergency. And for several years, management didn’t respond. When preschool teachers came together and became leaders in the union, management couldn’t ignore their demands. In bargaining this week, we won contract language that requires management to find substitutes when teachers call off due to illness or emergency.

2) Labor-Management Committees: We agreed on language that will make these committees more frequent and have a level of accountability to ensure that the committees produce results on key issues like safety and staffing.

3) Strengthening our Union: We finalized agreements ensuring that union stewards or representatives will be able to present about the union and its benefits to all new hires, despite changes in HR’s orientation procedures. We also agreed that union stewards will be allowed time during work hours to help prepare members for disciplinary meetings.

4) Increasing our voice at the Bargaining Table: We increased the number of union members who would have a seat on paid status at the bargaining table. Management also agreed to open bargaining – which means that all employees will have a right to observe bargaining sessions on their own time (whether on breaks or on non-working time).

5) CJE Hours of Work: Management proposed that shifts for CNAs and nurses move from 8 hours shifts to 10-12 hour shifts. Some workers at CJE were pleased with this change, while others were concerned. We reached an agreement where longer shift schedules would be made available and put to bid to employees, so those who wanted could avail themselves of this option.

However, in the next two weeks, we will be addressing the most crucial issues that you have all spoken with us about repeatedly: salary, PTO, and benefits.

This is the moment for you to step up. We are only as strong as our union membership.

Share your stories. Sign a member card. Ask a co-worker to sign a card. This is the moment to make the changes that will affect us for the next three years. 

We know we deserve more. If you’re not satisfied with being underpaid and overworked, TAKE ACTION TODAY:

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For more information, email or call your Member Action Center at mac@seiu73.org and (312) 787-5868, or reach out to your agency stewards and bargaining committee leaders:

Leora Mincer, Youth Employment Specialist, JVS/JCFS Chicago: lamincer@gmail.com, (347) 835-3405

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