Don’t be fooled by the Illinois Policy Institute!

We are SEIU Local 73! #IChooseMyUnion


SEIU Local 73 members began receiving mailings from the Illinois Policy Institute recently telling them to opt out of the union.  We won’t be fooled.


Image of mailing from the Illinois Policy Institute.

The Illinois Policy Institute is the same organization that wants to destroy public sector unions and hails Mark Janus, of Janus v. AFSCME notoriety, as a “hero”.  Working and middle class heroes fight to strengthen the middle class. The Illinois Policy Institute seeks to weaken the middle class.

The Illinois Policy Institute rakes in millions of dollars every year from the Rauner, Koch, Uhlein, and Mercer families and their friends (1).

Their stated goals and ambitions with those millions are:

  1. Reduce public sector pay (2).
  2. Higher health insurance costs paid by public sector employees (3).
  3. Slashing your constitutionally protected pension benefits (4).

The Illinois Policy Institute is attempting to pillage your rights, wages and benefits. Don’t be fooled.

If you get a mailing, take action:

  • Mark a visible X over the entire letter and take a picture.
  • Email the picture to your Member Action Center at
  • Post the image of the letter with an X over it on Facebook and/or Twitter. Tag us @SEIULocal73 on Facebook and @SEIU73 on Twitter. Use the hashtag #IChooseMyUnion.

We won’t be fooled.  We will fight back. We are stronger together!





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