Cook County Bargaining Update


We are becoming a new improved union as we stand together for a strong contract. Our bargaining committee met with Cook County management on Friday, April 13. Bargaining has progressed. We are fighting to hold on to the significant contractual gains we’ve made over the last several years.

The following is a review of what’s currently at the table:

  • The employer wants employees to take 2 wage step freezes over the life of the contract.
  • Due to the repeal of the Sweetened Beverage Tax, the funds for raises and upgrades are challenging to negotiate.
  • The hospital is offering 2% across the board for 2 years of the contract and first year members would receive a bonus of $1200. This offer is subject to change as negotiations continue.


The next bargaining session is scheduled for Thursday, May 3.

We Need You. We have more challenges to come. The bargaining committee is dedicated to fighting for a fair contract that improves the lives of SEIU Local 73 members at Cook County. We cannot do it alone. Get involved. Contact me at or call 312-787-5868 for more details.

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