\ Food Service Workers Demand Dignity and Respect

Food Service Workers Demand Dignity and Respect


After several months of being talked down to by management, more than 30 Cook County food service workers at John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, in the city of Chicago, marched on the boss to demand the dignity and respect that all County workers need if we are to perform at our highest level. Since being subcontracted to Morrison, food service members have endured exceptionally poor verbal treatment. Workers have also been denied the tools they need for their jobs, accused of stealing, and shifts have been intentionally understaffed so management can argue they need more subcontracting.

During the action, workers went from office to office until management was forced to emerge and listen. Workers demanded that all SEIU employees get treated with dignity and respect, and pushed management to sit down and discuss all employee issues. Our food service members showed the power Local 73 members have when we unite together; actions like this bring results and will eventually help win us all a strong new contract.

CLICK HERE to read the complete Bargaining Update released on August 16th. 

Get involved to help win a strong contract: Call 312 961 -5772.

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