Cook County Strike

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Cook County Health Negotiations: A Tale of Two Stories

Clerk’s Office Negotiation Focus on Overtime and Transfers

Sheriff’s Office Rebuffs Sexual Harassment and Flextime Proposals

When We Fight, We Win!

Sheriff’s Office Negotiation Move Backward

Specialists Announce Intent to Strike

Progress and Delays at OUP

Turning Point Reached in Cook County Health Negotiations

Significant Progress in Sheriff’s Office Negotiations

Resetting the Labor-Management Relationship at OUP

Steady Progress in Cook County Clerk’s Office Negotiations

Cook County Turns a Deaf Ear Toward Our Efforts to Improve Patient Care

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Negotiations Continue to be Positive

Substantive Discussions in Sheriff’s Office Bargaining Leads to Progress

We Must Stay Vigilant

Let’s Make CCH a Provider and Employer of Choice

Cook County Bargaining Continues

HSA of Cook County Lends Support to Striking Workers

‘Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us’ Demand SEIU Local 73 Cook County Members During One-Day Strike at Hospitals, Jail & Clerk’s Offices

SEIU Local 73 Cook County Members to Strike, Demand County ‘Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us’

Local 73 Informs Clerk Yarbrough Threatening Workers is Illegal

Strike Postponed Through Thursday Due to Judges’ Request

Cook County Spends Millions on Strikebreakers

County Clerk Yarbrough Threatens Union Members

Progress in Sheriff’s Office Negotiations

Victory on Pandemic Pay

SEIU Local 73 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Cook County

Cook County Members Overwhelmingly Vote to Strike

Cook County Workers Demand Economic Rights

We’re Putting the Pressure on Cook County Management

Cook County Management Threatens to Walk Out on Negotiations

A Message to Cook County Board: No More Politics Over People

Cook County Clerk’s Office Plans on Laying Off SEIU Local 73 members. We’re Not Going to Take It!

Cook County Recorder of Deeds Workers Deliver Petition to County Clerk Karen Yarbrough’s Office to Save Jobs

Fighting For Jobs at Cook County Recorder of Deeds

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Watch Local 73 President Dian Palmer’s testimony to the CCH HR Committee. You can read her testimony here.

We streamed and posted video and photos on Facebook throughout the strike.

Joyce Klein on Pandemic Pay and Union Busting.