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Cook County Contract Update
Our union has taken every step necessary to move our contracts forward to secure retroactive pay raises, and the $3,000 in signing bonus and pandemic pay. BHR is currently securing the signatures of all County elected officials so the contracts can go before the County Board. Once our contracts are confirmed for the County Board meeting agenda in writing, we will send an update to the membership. 

As for interest arbitration, all briefs have been submittes and we expect a ruling in January on

  • Increasing pay and shortening the scale for facilities management and CCH maintenance workers
  • For all others, increasing pay for workers with 10 or more years service.

We know this has been a long fight for all of us. When the County Board votes it will be more than a year since our contract expired. And nearly one year since our strike last December when we let Cook County know we were serious.

Our fight won’t end until the arbitrator rules and increases the pay of senior employees and low wage workers to raises that we deserve, are comparable to what other unions received, and also keeps us ahead of the cost of living.

Cook County Director of Labor Relations Misleads Commissioners on Local 73 Contracts

Cook County Contract Delays Continue

Cook County Contract Ratification

Members Overwhelmingly Ratify Cook County Contract

Striking Cook County Workers Win Tentative Agreement On Most Issues!

Bargaining into the night, but ready to keep fighting in the morning!

Local 73 Takes The Strike to Taste of Chicago With More Support Than Ever Before!

Candlelight Vigil in Hyde Park Brings Passionate Testimonies from Workers

Two Weeks and We’re Still Fighting!

Workers Shut Down Preckwinkle’s Office

Faith Leaders, Chicago Unions Call on Preckwinkle to Settle Cook County Strike

We Are With You!

Cook County Strike Continues as County Negotiators Attempt to Nickel and Dime the Workers

Political Support Grows for Cook County Workers on Strike

Cook County Workers Turnout in Force at Preckwinkle’s Office Building, Fundraiser

Cook County Denies Local 73 Members the Same Offer to Other Unions!

Preckwinkle Offers No Raises to Cover Massive Health Insurance Increase

Cook County Strike Continues, Preckwinkle Refuses to Bargain

Toni Preckwinkle’s Choice: Settle the Contract or Own the Strike

County Economic Proposal Amounts to Massive Pay Cut!

Thousands of Cook County Workers, Nurses Ready to Strike

County Brings No Economic Proposals, Delays Bargaining Until Mid-June

CCH: Time To Do the Right Thing

No more waiting. Now is our time to seize the moment.

We Won’t Let CCH Negotiations Become The NeverEnding Story

Resolving Complex Issues in Cook County Health Negotiations

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Negotiations Back on Track

Cook County OUP Tone Improves

Cook County Health Negotiations: A Tale of Two Stories

Clerk’s Office Negotiation Focus on Overtime and Transfers

Sheriff’s Office Rebuffs Sexual Harassment and Flextime Proposals

When We Fight, We Win!

Sheriff’s Office Negotiation Move Backward

Specialists Announce Intent to Strike

Progress and Delays at OUP

Turning Point Reached in Cook County Health Negotiations

Significant Progress in Sheriff’s Office Negotiations

Resetting the Labor-Management Relationship at OUP

Steady Progress in Cook County Clerk’s Office Negotiations

Cook County Turns a Deaf Ear Toward Our Efforts to Improve Patient Care

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Negotiations Continue to be Positive

Substantive Discussions in Sheriff’s Office Bargaining Leads to Progress

We Must Stay Vigilant

Let’s Make CCH a Provider and Employer of Choice

Cook County Bargaining Continues

HSA of Cook County Lends Support to Striking Workers

‘Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us’ Demand SEIU Local 73 Cook County Members During One-Day Strike at Hospitals, Jail & Clerk’s Offices

SEIU Local 73 Cook County Members to Strike, Demand County ‘Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us’

Local 73 Informs Clerk Yarbrough Threatening Workers is Illegal

Strike Postponed Through Thursday Due to Judges’ Request

Cook County Spends Millions on Strikebreakers

County Clerk Yarbrough Threatens Union Members

Progress in Sheriff’s Office Negotiations

Victory on Pandemic Pay

SEIU Local 73 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Cook County

Cook County Members Overwhelmingly Vote to Strike

Cook County Workers Demand Economic Rights

We’re Putting the Pressure on Cook County Management

Cook County Management Threatens to Walk Out on Negotiations

A Message to Cook County Board: No More Politics Over People

Cook County Clerk’s Office Plans on Laying Off SEIU Local 73 members. We’re Not Going to Take It!

Cook County Recorder of Deeds Workers Deliver Petition to County Clerk Karen Yarbrough’s Office to Save Jobs

Fighting For Jobs at Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Members Demand Action from Preckwinkle and Commissioners | Cook County Board Meeting 04.07.22

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Strike Hardship Fund
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Thank you to all of the Chicago area faith leaders who are supporting striking Cook County essential workers!
Thank you to the members of the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council (UUMUAC) for supporting Cook County workers on strike!
Thank you to the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL), AFSCME Council 31, and the National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) for supporting Cook County workers!
Thank you to the Illinois House Progressive Caucus for supporting SEIU Local 73 Striking Workers in Cook County!
Watch Local 73 President Dian Palmer’s testimony to the CCH Finance Committee.
Watch Local 73 President Dian Palmer’s testimony to the CCH HR Committee. You can read her testimony here.

We streamed and posted video and photos on Facebook throughout the strike.

Joyce Klein on Pandemic Pay and Union Busting.