Skokie Library Workers Win Open Bargaining Process

Skokie Library workers

Skokie Library Workers have won an opening bargaining process with management and their union, SEIU Local 73. Library management refused to meet with the union’s bargaining committee unless it prohibited members from attending bargaining sessions. This decision contradicted the Library’s values of collaboration, curiosity, and encouraging access to information.

“Management always makes decisions behind closed doors. When we started contract negotiations, we wanted to make sure all members can see what we’re doing. We want them to see that we are discussing their concerns, so no one feels left out,” said Olga Montero, Custodial Worker.

Management agreed to open bargaining sessions after members circulated a widely-supported petition demanding a transparent and inclusive process. A delegation of five members delivered the signed petition to management.

“The bargaining committee rolled out a petition demanding open bargaining and nearly everyone signed it.  All committee members were given a list of people to speak with and get them to sign. This strategy worked.”